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Learn How to Earn College Credit While in High School. Join Us for An Upcoming Information Session.

Eligible students may take Dual Enrollment courses, free of charge, at any of the five IRSC campuses, online through the IRSC Virtual Campus, and at many Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee and St. Lucie County high schools. Learn how at an upcoming information session. Pre-registration is required. Fill out the online form, and select from the sessions listed.

Pre-register for DE Info Session here.

Campus Date Time Language Location Note
Chastain Mar. 06 6:00 p.m. English C-101 (Johnson Auditorium)

Dixon Hendry Mar. 05 6:00 p.m. Spanish C-112 (Williamson Auditorium)

Mar. 07 6:00 p.m. English C-112 (Williamson Auditorium)

Main Mar. 12 6:00 p.m. English V-110 (Kight Center)

Mar. 13 6:00 p.m. Spanish V-309 (Brown Center)

Mueller Mar. 12 6:00 p.m. English C-105 (Richardson Auditorium)

Mar. 13 6:00 p.m. English Sebastian River HS Auditorium


Pruitt Mar. 14 6:00 p.m. English E-114 Last Names A–K

6:00 p.m. English Schreiber Conference Center Last Names L–Z

6:00 p.m. Spanish A-125

South Fork High School

Mar. 26

6:00 p.m. English South Fork High School


Dual Enrollment Program

For program information
(772) 462-4772 or

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is defined as a student simultaneously earning high school credit toward a high school diploma, along with college credit toward an Associate Degree or credit toward a vocational certificate for an eligible course.

Dual Enrollment Associate in Arts degree-seeking students are required to complete SLS 1101 Student Success (3 credits) during their first semester of attendance. Please see your advisor for details.

Types of Dual Enrollment include:

  1. Academic - Students may simultaneously earn high school credit toward a high school diploma and college credit toward an Associate or Baccalaureate Degree. Students may be part time or full time. To enroll in academic coursework, students must successfully complete an entry level examination as required by Section 1008.30, Florida Statutes. For the purpose of this agreement, ACT, SAT, and/or P.E.R.T. scores are acceptable.
  2. Career/Technical - Students may simultaneously earn elective high school credit toward a high school diploma and career/technical credit toward an Associate Degree or Technical Certificate. Students may be part time or full time in Career/Technical Dual Enrollment.
  3. Early Admission - Highly qualified high school students may enroll full time in college, and simultaneously earn high school credits toward a high school diploma and college credit toward an Associate or Baccalaureate Degree. Students must have completed, prior to Early Admission, a minimum of six semesters of full time secondary enrollment (grades 9-11). Eligibility criteria, as stated in paragraphs #1 and #2 above, also apply to Early Admission.

The following are ineligible to be counted as Dual Enrollment:

  • Vocational preparatory instruction
  • College preparatory instruction
  • Other forms of pre-college instruction
  • Physical education and recreational studies that focus on physical execution of skills rather than the intellectual attributes of an activity
  • Private music lessons

Articulation Agreements

How can I register for Dual Enrollment courses?

Students must submit the following items to either Educational Services at the Main Campus or any IRSC Campus.

  1. Fill out:   PDF File Dual Enrollment Program Application
  2. Fill out:   PDF File Dual Enrollment Registration Form
    This form must be signed by the high school designee, parent or legal guardian (if the student is under 18 years of age), and a student.
  3. Enhanced ACT, SATI-Re-centered, or CPT scores, if registering for courses in which placement scores are a pre-requisite.
  4. Home Education students must provide proof of enrollment in a home education program pursuant to S.232.02(4) in addition to the items above.

Once the student has been registered he or she must take a copy of their course schedule along with the appropriate copy of the IRSC Dual Enrollment/Early Admissions Registration Card to the Business Office on the Main Campus or any IRSC Campus for tuition payment. Registration is not complete until this has been done.

Orientation Online

Dual Enrollment Orientation is available online for students to complete. The orientation is available within 24 hours of registration in Blackboard. Upon completion please print your certificate to submit with your Dual Enrollment Forms. For assistance with the Dual Enrollment Orientation please contact us at 772-462-4772 or

  1. Review DE Course Listing
  2. To Register: See middle column


Dual Enrollment Orientation is now Online!

Register Here For Dual Enrollment Orientation

The short orientation class will be available in Blackboard within 24 hours.


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Administrative Handbook

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